27 European countries signed a Declaration of cooperation on advancing digitisation of cultural heritage. Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities” has now reached its final stage. We also aim to examine the way in which museums and memorials reflect and present the European idea and the increasingly interwoven nature of European relations. Digitisation of Cultural Heritage Digitisation of Cultural Heritage Digitisation turns Europe's cultural resources into an important building block for the digital economy and provides Europe's Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), which already account for ca. Sharing Heritage – Mit dem Europäischen Kulturerbejahr 2018 fordert die Europäische Kommission unter dem Motto 'Sharing Heritage' dazu auf, das kulturelle Erbe in Europa sichtbar zu machen und andere daran teilhaben zu lassen. 4% of EU-GDP and jobs and have great potential for stimulating innovation in other sectors, with a competitive edge. Discover inspiring cultural heritage from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives. Cheritage is a three-year Erasmus+ project (2018-2021) involving 8 European countries in the creation of a visual library of cultural heritage accessible in augmented reality.The project is based on a learning-by-doing methodology engaging adults in the use of technology for content creation. Go to the original Europeana. Ladies and gentlemen, We Europeans must redouble our efforts to promote the issue of cultural heritage, including via multilateral forums. Culture & Heritage Across Europe’s regions and cities, culture is highly valued by residents and visitors alike. SlowFood-CE: Culture, Heritage, Identity and Food » 20 3.1. This clearly shows the potential impact that cultural heritage can have on economic development and people’s quality of life.During the last decade, policymakers have The cultural heritage sector has come under enormous pressure from the impact of COVID-19. Start Romoe . Das breit abgesteckte Verständnis für das Kulturerbe, für dessen wirtschaftliches, politisches und gesellschaftliches Umfeld stehen hier im Mittelpunkt des Curriculums. CULTURAL HERITAGE RESEARCH AT EUROPEAN LEVEL – CHALLENGES IN TIMES OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND DIGITALIZATION. Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage unseres berufsbegleitenden Masterstudiengangs. Project manager. To do so, it supported the development of the Pesca Mia app, which connects the seafood sector, restaurants and private consumers. The Gargano LAG integrated the promotion of cultural and gastronomy heritage into their local development plan. Cultural heritage is no longer seen solely as a safeguarding effort or an educational outlet but also as a form of civic and cultural representation and engagement that can contribute to social cohesion. Absolventen über SEK. They will work more closely together to better use state-of-the-art digital technologies in addressing risks that Europe’s rich cultural heritage is facing, enhancing its use and visibility, improving citizen engagement, and supporting spillovers in other sectors. The 'Digital Education with Cultural Heritage' online course was produced under the Europeana DSI-4 project, which is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union. 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage.Throughout the year, tangible and intangible, as well as natural and digital cultural heritage of Europe is celebrated. Seasonal celebrations Discover traditions … Cultural Heritage Europe initiatives on architectural heritage, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. Theme: Cultural heritage, territorial impact, well-being, indicatorsScopeDuring the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, over 23 000 events were organised, reaching more than 12.8 million participants. IMPRINT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This brochure is based on the scientific discussions and presentations held during the symposium “Cultural Heritage in Crisis” at Villa Vigoni in November 2019 sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Here you can find relevant information and resources developed by the Partnership on Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Urban Agenda for the EU. This Partnership is currently active. 21-07-2017. The orality of the gesture and of the word: from anthropological urgency to oblivion » 16 3. Neben der Kultur- und … The content does not necessarily represent the of fi cial position of the European Union and/or the Council of Europe. The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, as well as the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee will organise events to celebrate the year and launch activities focusing on cultural heritage. The … Not all legacies of past generations are "heritage", rather heritage is a product of selection by society. Building on the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018, the rich and diverse Cultural Heritage across the EU shines evidence on the role that universities have played in the creation and cohesion of European identities. In addition, the EU will fund projects supporting cultural heritage. The free and open data and information delivered by the Copernicus programme represents a valuable resource for Cultural Heritage monitoring and preservation at European and global level. Skip to page contents Home Collections Login/Join You're viewing the new Europeana experience. It is the first EU-wide survey to be conducted on this topic. Schutz Europäischer Kulturgüter / European Cultural Heritage. Cultural heritage cannot only be considered as an economic asset and a tourist attraction, but also as an identity factor and a contributor to social cohesion and stability. Lead partner. Explore EU projects dealing with cultural heritage and financial instruments that ForHeritage is capitalising on! The ARCH team with the cities of Bratislava, Camerino, Hamburg and Valencia will co-create tools that will help cities save cultural heritage from the effects of climate change. In this way, the Awards scheme contributes to a stronger public recognition of cultural heritage as a strategic … EUROCITIES, in partnership with KEA, ERRIN, Europa Nostra and the Architects Council of Europe, has been selected by the European Commission to implement Cultural heritage in action, a peer-learning scheme financed by the European Union on cultural heritage to support exchanges between large numbers of cities, regions and stakeholders, thus building a broad learning community. This survey assesses the attitudes and opinions of people in the EU on cultural heritage. This includes the development and promotion of the seafood sector. Welcome to Romoe: The International Conservators Network about heritage conservation and restoration, art and care of monuments. The policy brief on 2018 EYCH. The European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards were launched in 2002 by the European Commission and have been organised by Europa Nostra ever since. I would be delighted to see EU cooperation on this mechanism. With the publication of the “Roadmap for Cultural Heritage and European Identities through Cultural Memory,... News alert 12. The programme is a joint initiative by the European Students' Association for Cultural Heritage (ESACH), Europa Nostra and the European Heritage Tribune (EHT). Was ist SEK? Sporting heritage and culture. The course content has been produced by the Europeana DSI-4 Ambassadors, the Europeana Foundation and European Schoolnet. It investigates people's personal involvement with cultural heritage and the perceived importance and values they attach to Europe’s cultural heritage. The course is the sole responsibility of the organiser and it does not represent … Romoe Conservators Network. The impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. The domain cultural-heritage.eu is a part of Romoe Conservators Network. ARCH is a European-funded research project that aims to better protect areas of cultural heritage from hazards and risks. Cultural heritage is a common good passed from previous generations as a legacy for those to come. The Awards promote best practices related to heritage conservation, management, research, education and communication. Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme Launched by the Council of Europe in 1987, the Cultural Routes demonstrate, by means of a journey through space and time , how the heritage of the different countries and cultures of Europe contributes to a shared and living cultural heritage . Cultural and creative industries are also a vital asset for regional economic competitiveness and attractiveness, while cultural heritage is a key element of the image and identity of cities and regions, and oftentimes the focus of city tourism. Cultural heritage is the legacy of cultural resources and intangible attributes of a group or society that is inherited from past generations. Open-Heritage.eu is managed by the Social Platform created by the REACH project (RE-designing Access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re-)use and management of European culture) and is intended to continue functioning after the end of the project. Cultural heritage in EU policies SUMMARY 2018 is devoted to the European Union'scultural heritage. In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 “Sharing Heritage”, we would like to turn our attention towards traditions and values shared throughout Europe today. To the east of our orient, the west of our occident » 21 3.2. Widen your horizons and join the European Heritage Youth Ambassadors programme The European Heritage Youth Ambassadors programme empowers heritage students and young professionals to share their stories. Food: a European culture and identitary heritage, by Piercarlo Grimaldi » 15 1. This document was produced within the framework of the Joint Project “EU/CoE Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity in Kosovo”. For example, PLUGGY developed the first-ever social network dedicated to promoting European cultural heritage, whilst the I-Media-Cities project has launched a revolutionary platform that uses audiovisual material to allow anyone to discover the rich cultural heritage of nine European cities. Culture and memories » 15 2. The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 aimed at celebrating cultural heritage as a shared resource, raising awareness of common history and values, and reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European cultural and political space. ... ROCK - Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities CHCFE - Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe SoPHIA - Social Platform for Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment contacts. World War I The untold stories and official histories of World War I.

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