Între 1983-1985 arheologul american dr. Johan Reinhard a condus trei sondaje de situri arheologice pe piscul și pantele muntelui. The children - a young boy and girl, and a female archaeologists call the Llullaillaco Maiden, whom new research estimates to have been 13-years-old - … Scientists examine a 15-year old who lives in the Inca Empire, then was sacrificed and remained frozen for 500 years. "Maiden of Llullaillaco" was a 15 year old Inca child mummy discovered in 1999. Arheologie. She was aged 15 when she was sacrificed to the Inca gods, along with a younger boy and girl. The bodies seemed so much like sleeping children that working with them felt “almost more like a kidnapping than archaeological work,” Dr. Miremont said. Unearthed from the 22,000 foot summit of Mount Llullaillaco, her frozen body was among the best preserved mummies ever found, with internal organs intact and blood still present. Llull Maiden #1 Llullaillaco Maiden REDONE.jpg. 2. Llullaillaco Volcano Source 1: Inca burial objects found alongside maiden Coca Leaf În 1999 pe piscul Llullaillaco, o expediție argentiniană-peruană condusă de Johan Reinhard și arheologul argentinian Ceruti Constanza a găsit organismele perfect conservate a trei copii Inca, sacrificați cu aproximativ 500 de ani mai devreme. 500 years ago – La Doncella Inca Maiden. She was drugged, placed inside a small chamber 1.5 metres beneath the ground, where she was left to die; buried with 2 other children. Image. Posted April 02, 2016 08:51:00 DNA of The Doncela (The Maiden) Incan mummy found at Mount Llullaillaco, Argentina, in 1999, was used in a study. The Maiden of Llullaillaco, sacrificed at around the age of 15, was discovered with the other “Children of Llullaillaco” which includes a 6 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. The Llullaillaco Maiden’s new acrylic burial chamber is maintained at 0 degrees Farenheit. She was sacrificed in an Incan religious ritual that took place around the year 1500. El Llullaillaco ye un estratovolcán allugáu na Cordal de los Andes, dientro de la Puna d'Atacama, na frontera ente la Provincia de Salta y la Rexón d'Antofagasta ().Ye consideráu'l segundu volcán activu más altu del mundu, depués del Nevado Ojos del Salado, y la so última erupción asocedió en 1877. La Doncella was found in 1999 in an icy pit at the summit of Mount Llullaillaco, a volcano in north-west Argentina on the border with Chile. This is the Maiden of Llullaillaco, an Incredibly Well-Preserved Child Sacrifice from the Incan Empire around 500 years ago. : interestingasfuck The third, a 13-year-old girl known as the Llullaillaco Maiden, had been treated differently from the other two. 311 Three Young Child were used for a child sacrifice ritual called Capacocha. Llullaillaco Maiden Artefacts found inside tomb The Llullaillaco Maiden Monday March 16th , 1999 $1.25 Vol XCIII, No. Among the most important were the three he found in 1999 near the summit of Argentina’s Mt Llullaillaco, the world’s highest archaeological site.