Best Grau loadout Warzone: Strong AR builds Should the bunker become accessible again, the information on how to grab the goodies is below. The bunkers in Warzone are usually placed at the edge of the map and numbered 00-11. To access Bunker 1 in Warzone you need to: Head to B7 on the Warzone map The bunker is located to the south-west of Boneyard and north of the Go-Kart Track Enter the code 97264138 Future Publishing Australia ABN: 96 734 906 323 | PO Box 1077, Mount St, Share. That’s because there is no standard stadium access code. Once done, head to Warzone bunker 11 and claim your rewards. This is where the luck lies. Some cards need to be collected randomly, some require access codes, there is nothing except possibly competing with other players for goods and some require you to solve a complicated puzzle involving Russian men and some phones. Warzone bunkers codes Warzone Prison shack code - 72948531 Warzone Farmland code - 49285163 South Junkyard - 97264138 Below is a list of all Bunkers in order by bunker number. Breaking into the Stadium Bunker requires three keycards, codes from nearby computers, and a method to decipher the hidden code. What you will need to do is to locate the crack in the runway at Verdansk Airport and jump inside. But as the code changes with each match, you’ll have to go through the same process each time. CoD: Warzone Bunker Secreto 00 - YouTube. You might also want to use the metro station in Verdansk to get to your destination faster, so go out there are some of the best Warzone guns. As part of the Call of Duty: Cold War reveal, bunkers were added that required codes, rather than a Red Access Card. The trouble is, as ever, other players. Call Of Duty: Warzone - All Bunker & Shacks Locations & Access Code (Read Description Below) - YouTube. You will be looking out at the sea and you were going to notice a burnt-out van on the road directly in front of that van to the North is the bunker. Provided you can get the Red Access Card you need to access some of the bunkers, you'll still need to survive long enough to get to where you need to go and pilfer what you need to get that win. So, finding everything you need to find the cover code and location of Call of Duty: Warzone will allow you and your team to master some of the best items in the game. Copy link. Best M4A1 loadout Warzone: Top all-purpose AR builds For Bunker 03, found near the north side of Boneyard to the left, the eight-digit code is 87624851. Tap to unmute. Once you've found it and listened to the message, the list below will help you translate the Russian numbers. Therefore, don’t waste time elsewhere. But as the code changes with each match, you'll have to go through the same process each time. North Junkyard – 87624851. When Warzone integrated the Cold War content of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a large hole appeared in the airport runway near the tower. The Bunker number is spray painted above the access door. You can also take a look at the map above if you need a visual reference—though do be aware that some locations are close together so the indicators on the map may be a little off. You may have discovered the Warzone Farmland bunker by accident, but don’t know how to enter or receive the Red Access Card and want to know its purpose. Note: Warzone bunker 11 is currently sealed, as of the launch of Season 2. That's where we come in. Best MP7 loadout Warzone: Effective SMG setups For more details, check out this Warzone stadium access code guide—but brace yourself to get through multiple keycard doors if you want to claim the rewards inside. Instead, they are doors with a keyboard on a separate building or, in the case of a “farmland” treasure house, the doors in the main warehouse. How to access the Warzone stadium bunker If you’re wondering how to access the stadium bunker, you’re going to need a Warzone bunker code to access it. Below is a list of every original Warzone bunker location. These cards are fairly rare and can only be found inside legendary crates, and even then they're not a guaranteed drop. If you are lucky enough to be alone in the bunker, you can approach the keyboard in each position and pop the above code into the corresponding cover. Finally, and equally important is Bunker 11’s cousin, the stadium bunker. Fortunately, you only need to enter a fixed access code for the six locations on the map. This is by far the easiest bunker to enter, but in terms of spoils, it may be the worst bunker. Visit our corporate site. That said, there's a chance that not only could the sealed bunkers stay closed for good, all of them might be imminently destroyed. All Bunker & Shacks Locations & Access Code 00:01 Prison Shack 72948531 00:36 Tv … However, you will not only get loot in this location. The code contains 8 digits divided into 3 parts. There was a problem. If you're after the original bunkers that don't require a code, scroll down to the section further down this page. After receiving the correct call, you will hear the Russian voice, first say three words, then a tone. Not all of them can be opened and for most of them you need a red access card, but there are also bunkers that can be opened with a simple code. Now you have the three numbers, check the map above to find the numbers. If you're searching for all Warzone bunker codes and their locations, look no further. Warzone Bunker codes Warzone North Junkyard Code 87624851 Warzone South Junkyard Code 97264138 Warzone Park Bunker Code 60274513 If you're unsure, the descriptions below should make things clearer. To access this bunker, you will be going to the very South of the park near the large monument. The card can be found everywhere in Verdansk as a random legendary drop in loot boxes and is very rare. The bunker located at park provides the most the root of any of the code bunkers. Just make sure you grab all the loot quickly to escape-after you finish all the hard work, players may be lurking nearby to steal your items. After getting them, swipe them through the corresponding bunkers through the card reader, and you will get stolen goods rewards. To access the bunker-like room in the stadium, players will need to find an eight-digit access code that changes in every match. Please refresh the page and try again. If you're looking for the newer bunkers which require Warzone codes to access, scroll back up this page to the section above. And there is always the threat of chancers looking to steal your card before you have the chance to use it. If you find all Warzone Bunkder Access Codes for “Call of Duty Warzone” players, it is no secret that Verdansk’s best loot is hidden in bunkers around the map. The Warzone bunker codes are: North Junkyard – 87624851 (not accessible) There is not much excitement out there, but for early games, this is a useful place-if you can beat everyone else, that is. Note: A few changes to the Warzone map have arrived with Season 2's launch and it looks like bunkers are already being affected. You should find a tunnel that leads to an abandoned Soviet bunker, full to the brim with supply crates. Warzone Bunker … You need to visit these in the order that you heard them in the original message. Visit each one and listen to the messages that they play. All Bunker (Vaults Unser Guide zu Season 2 verrät, wie du die rote Access Card findest und welche Codes du benötigst, um die Bunker in Verdansk und auf Rebirth Island zu öffnen. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. By On the map it is highlighted in a separate tab — Bunker Door and marked by the code D1. Bunker Codes In order to access these bunkers, you are going to need the codes to enter them. First of all, these cards are codes of the corresponding level, where you can find the card and the locked door. Best Warzone loadout: Finest overall setups How To Open Bunker 10 In Warzone To access Bunker 10 in Warzone you need to: Head to F8 on the Warzone map The bunker is south of the Park and just to the east of the War Memorial Enter the code 60274513 This was. If you're looking to find the secrets contained within Warzone bunker 11, you'll find more details on that below. These are called P2-16, CL-19, and EL-21 cards. Best M13 loadout Warzone:  Attachments to choose This is easier said than done as players will flock to these locations in the hope of nabbing the goodies for themselves. There's quite a lot of work involved to grab the loot inside and you'll need to track down a number of phones and learn to translate Russian—though looking at the reference below might be the easier alternative. Warzone Bunker Codes, Locations and Map Warzone Access Code Bunkers - COD Bunker Locations - Vault Locations Warzone 1: Warzone Prison shack code - 72948531 2: Warzone Farmland code - 49285163 3: South Sarah James, How To Find The Bunker Code For COD Warzone’s Rebirth Island Follow our instructions and you will get inside that pesky Rebirth Island bunker. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. But while you and your squad may have a go-to bunker, it's always nice to have a simple breakdown of where to find all of them, just in case. Ultimate Warzone Bunker Guide Accessing the Season 2 Bunkers: Nothing New Here, Folks All three of these new bunkers are what you could classify as Red Access Card Bunkers. Info. We have already covered Red Access. Since the stadium has three locked doors, they hide some huge loot, so entering this door can be very tricky. The main issue with this bunker is its very public location. All Warzone bunker codes and locations so you can access loads of loot. Up Next. Now, if you want to enter Bunker 11, you not only need to answer one of the calls, but you also need to find the correct phone to answer it. To open bunkers 00, 02, 04, 05, 06 and 09, you need a red access card. Read this Call Of Duty Warzone & Modern Warfare 2021 guide on all bunker code & locations in Season 6! Six of these bunkers can be unlocked using access codes, five bunkers require a Red Access Card, Bunker 11 … There's also a nuke in a separate room but unfortunately, you'll need to leave it where it is. Harry Shepherd, There are indeed various bunkers on the map, and the bunkers have various methods of entry. If you make a mistake, you will hear the disconnection sound. If you're wondering how to access the stadium bunker, you're going to need a Warzone bunker code to access it. Fortunately, we have compiled the following Warzone bunker map to accurately determine where you need to go, and have done some hard work for you. The location of the red pass for the theater bunker, FMovies | Best MOVIE Mobile Site | Download HOLLYWOOD – Bollywood – HINDI – TAMIL |, – Download Bollywood – Hollywood Dubbed Movie in Hindi, DOWNLOAD Movie HD “7StarHD” – Free Watch Movies Live – 300mb Mkv, {Superstar} Movie Full Story – Mahira Khan – Kubra Khan, Lenovo Foldable Laptop PC – 24 hrs Battery Time, Apple MacBook Air 13 inch Retina Display 2018. North Sydney Know how to find bunkers (vaults), red cards, keys, codes, map locations and bunker 11. There's a lot of loot stashed there which is hard for players to ignore, so expect a lot of competition if you're heading for the runway in search of those rewards. So please keep reading all the details to learn where to find these mysterious Warzone bunkers and the conditions required to enter the interior. These tabs can be scrolled on mobile devices. The airport bunker was added with the launch of Cold War Season 1 and you won't need a code to get inside. Bunker 10 Access Code Park Bunker Warzone COD Update. NSW 2059. Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is live until Tuesday, 24 November, so here's every single bunker location and access code you need. If you want to access the loot inside a non-keypad bunker, you'll first need to find a Red Access Card. During the game, you may also notice that you sometimes hear random phone ringtones. For the bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, and 09 you must find an access card with which you can enter the corresponding bunkers. Natürlich erklären wir auch die Schnitzeljagd zum Bunker 11 und dem gelben Bunker auf Rebirth Island. Either way, check the list above for all the codes you need for the some of the bunkers above (we also have a map and video above if you need that) and take a look below for the locations of all the Warzone bunkers, and how to open bunker 11, if that becomes possible again. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Have fun looting your rewards. The video above, from Reddit user Mundoschristmas, shows the exact location. Now, as mentioned earlier, the huts near the prison, farmland bunkers, and TV station bunkers are not your usual bunkers. The position of the red pass for the Warzone bunker is below: You may have noticed that on the Warzone bunker location map, there is a blue bunker marked as “Bunker 11” by the “Call of Duty” community and can be found in the northwest of the military base. You'll need to track down a phone playing a message in Russian—any of the phones marked by blue icons on the map above is potentially the right one. Bunker 2 is especially westward, quite close to the edge of the map. These locations are circled in yellow in the bunker map above. Once you've noted them down, you can continue with the next step. Shopping. Tap to unmute. There are 13 bunkers in Warzone. For example, see Bunker 11. Luckily, /u/HUX3L on Reddit took the time to highlight each bunker location and its secret code. You should find the Mud Dauber blueprint for the MP7, two miniguns, and a load of supply crates to loot. Otherwise, take a look at the video above to see these newer bunker locations, or check out the map below. Watch later. Warzone Park bunker code: 60274513 Warzone Red Access Card bunkers and locations Five of the remaining six bunkers can only be opened using a Red Access Card, which needs to be in your inventory to be used. These correspond with the specific phones, so it should be easy to work out which ones you need to look for. It's not just a case of finding any old phone. First, if you have never encountered Warzone bunkers before, you need to understand how they look.

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